Dekorasanat, since 2012 is based in Turkey and Belgium offered to individuals and organizations design, a collection of art and decoration consulting services portfolio.

The projects are specially prepared according to the identity and requirements of the space and the wishes and tastes of the owner. By working in solution-oriented cooperation with designers and artists in Turkey and Europe is set up according to the project needs creative teams.

ŞOTEKS Textile and Lebel Company / Execution of Art Works

Wood reliefs designed and produced for the walls of VIP rooms, offices and public areas. Color palettes have been selected considering the characteristics of the spaces. Part of this project was completed with the contributions of Hilal Can.

ŞOTEKS Textile and Lebel Company / Execution of Interior Design Project

The realization of the design elements based on the renderings presented in the interior architecture project of the Şoteks Holding building.

MEV Project and Engineering / Execution of Art Work 

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