Once upon a time... age of love

The series consisting of photographic prints, which are reproduced and brought together again and again with various analog manipulation techniques (lens front and back intervention, gluing, scraping, printing, painting, etc.), most of which were found images, was completed in 2014.

Warsaw - the war I saw

This series consists of analog photographs taken in Warsaw in the winter of 2019.


Connections is a series of three photos. Our quest to connect/connect with others - and with ourselves - is a comment on our disconnections, ignoring approaches.

Gentle Blues

The "Gentle Blues" photo series was created by reproducing and combining found postcards, posters, and classic pictures with back-lens manipulation techniques.

Pinhole Photography

A selection of photographs I took with 35mm analog pinhole cameras that I made from waste materials such as matchboxes and tin can.


In the series consisting of these two works I made for the 40th-anniversary special exhibition of Gallery De Buck - Gent, I used the hand-coloring technique on monochrome photography, a technique that was used before 1900.