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Pinhole Photography

A selection of photographs I took with 35mm analog pinhole cameras that I made from waste materials such as matchboxes and tin can.

Once upon a time... age of love

Welcome to "Once Upon a time ace of Love," an enchanting photo series that unveils the timeless emotions present in all human relationships. Through skillful manipulation and artistic ingenuity, the artist transforms images sourced from shop windows, flea markets, and street art into evocative masterpieces.

With a dreamy and melancholic visual language, each photo captures the essence of belonging, attachment, intimacy, fear of loss, mutual attraction, shyness, daring, frustration, and excitement - sentiments universally experienced in romantic and platonic bonds.

Step into a world where art and emotions entwine, inviting you to explore the delicate threads that connect us all. Embark on this captivating journey, where ordinary moments transform into extraordinary reflections of the human heart.

Warsaw - the war I saw

"The War I Saw" - A Poetic Glimpse into Warsaw's Silent Sentinels

Delve into the frozen beauty of Warsaw in 2019 with "The War I Saw" photo series, an evocative exploration of analog photography captured during a chilly January. Within this captivating collection, the artist unveils a world untouched by human presence, where sculptures from the city's parks, open spaces, and cemeteries become the eloquent narrators of an untold tale.

Amidst the silent streets and varying daylight, each photograph immortalizes stillness and solitude, inviting viewers to ponder their own inner struggles. The series bears a subtle pun, humorously intertwined with the artist's personal experience during their visit.

As the artist shares their introspective journey, "There were times in my life when I thought there were wars that I would win if I resisted and even fought for it. In fact, there was no war, no trial, no victory. I didn't even have an interlocutor."

Embark on a soul-stirring voyage where silence speaks volumes and statues echo the emotions we hold within. Through the lens of "The War I Saw," explore the profound serenity of a cityscape untethered by human presence, inviting you to reflect on the battles and victories that lie within your own heart.


Connections is a series of three photos. Our quest to connect/connect with others - and with ourselves - is a comment on our disconnections, ignoring approaches.