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Meltem Elmas, artist, photographer, and designer from Ankara, Turkey. She was born in Ankara, moved around the country with her family, left for education and exploration of the world. After several years she settled down again.

She specializes in a combination of various techniques and mediums, such as analog photo manipulation, assemblage, mixed media, and traditional printing. She has shown work in Brussels, Gent, Hasselt, Rotterdam.

Meltem Elmas is inspired by her grandma's bricolages from childhood times, the early period of photography, worldwide tribal art and folklore, mysterious of found object and images, DIY culture, Tim Burton, and various masters of Art Brut.

She spends her time creating fine arts, running a self-made screen print studio, repairing things, and enjoying being at the home-based studio.

Meltem Elmas is creating her own melancholic, angry, vulnerable, wicked, and still gentle, surprising world... 

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Solo Exhibitions
December 2015, Médiathèque de Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Brussels

December 2014, De Coöperatieve 40/50, Hasselt, Belgium
Curator Joannes Késenne, “First Bite”

June 2013, “Facetacular”, NEST, Gent, Belgium

November 2013, “Sisters of Pandora”, Gallery OMS PRADHAN, Brussels, Belgium

Group Exhibitions
November 2019, Gündoğdu Art Gallery, Adana, Turkey

November 2016,  In De Ruimte Gallery, Gent, Belgium

March  2016, S & H De Buck Gallery Gent, Belgium

July 2015, D.ART 2015 / ARTENOVA, Mechelen, Belgium
“Gentle Blues”

June 2015, Back Stay, Gent, Belgium

June 2015, S & H De Buck Gallery, Gent, Belgium
“80 Days of Summer”, Photo Festival

November 2015, Durmetuin, Temse, Belgium
“de Mythe in Mij” Curators Christian Wittebroodt, Freddy Huylenbroeck

April 2015, Festival L’Ère de Rien, Rezé, France
“Youdoo dolls”, installation 
April 2015, S & H De Buck Gallery Gent, Belgium
“Gentle Blues”

November 2014, S & H De Buck Gallery Gent, Belgium
“Diary of Remembrance”

February 2014, S & H De Buck Gallery Gent, Belgium
“Hommage” Group Photo Exhibition with an exhibition catalog

March  2014, De Directeurswoning, Roeselare, Belgium
“De dweil als Alibi” with an exhibition catalog

June 2014, De Witte Moor, Gent, Belgium

November 2013, S & H De Buck Gallery Gent, Belgium
“Hand -- Messages”

June 2013, S & H De Buck Gallery Gent, Belgium
“Encounter with a Memory VOL II”

November 2013, Gallerie Tagcity Brussels, Belgium
“Alien Alias”

March  2013, Crochapox, Gent, Belgium
“Face the Fact”

March  2013, S & H De Buck Gallery Gent, Belgium
“Paradise ‐Le Paradis ‐The Paradise II”

January  2012, Canvas – collectie VRT Belgium TV, SMAK, Gent, Belgium

January  2012, Chabot Museum, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Museumnacht Rotterdam

March  2012, S & H De Buck Gallery Gent, Belgium
“Encounter with a Memory”

March  2012, Event, Gent, Belgium,
“Spin and Puke”

March  2012, Vooruit, Snoepwinkel Gent, Belgium,
“Mixed up”

June 2012, Van Monckhovenstraat, Gent, Belgium,
“Art on Walls”

June 2012, Norbertijnerkapel / Drongenhof / Kaatsspelplein Patershol, Gent,
Belgium, (In association Museum Het Huis van Alijn)

November 2012, S & H De Buck Gallery Gent, Belgium
“Paradise - Le Paradis - The Paradise”, with an exhibition catalog

November 2011, S & H De Buck Gallery Gent, Belgium

March  2010, Woonzorgcentrum Zonnebloem, Gent, Belgium,
“Birds on the floor”, with an exhibition catalog

February 2010, S & H De Buck Gallery Gent, Belgium

August 2009, Accenta 2009, City Library Zuid, Gent, Belgium
“Turkish Women”

February 2009, S & H De Buck Gallery Gent, Belgium

August 2008, Ex- photo Museum Rotterdam, the Netherlands,
“Depression Promotion Centre”


2013 Luca Gent, Faculty of Fine Arts Master, Graduated

2010 Anadolu Universitesi – Eskişehir, Faculty of Fine Arts - Graphic Design, Graduated